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Brief of PhoneGap

PhoneGap provides an ideal solution to cross platform compatibility of mobile apps that has high market demand. It is an open source framework having association with HTML5 Javascript and CSS3. Platform independence makes it feasible to develop hybrid apps for the IOS, Android, Blackberry,Windows phone, Symbian, webOS along with Samsung’s Bada platform. Hire PhoneGap developers for using standardized web APIs and integrating it with the standard SDK for the targeted mobile platform.

Why PhoneGap?

  • Rapid development of apps
  • Cost efficiency
  • Saves time
  • Accessing built in features of devices
  • Improved marketing and branding
  • Cleaner interface
  • Support for multiple mobile platforms
  • Apps can be distributed via app stores
  • Identical operations to native apps

Techno Exponent as your PhoneGap development partner

PhoneGap developers at Techno Exponent realizes that native apps are one step ahead of the universal development framework when a new feature or functionality is introduced. We aim in the reduction of this gap by adapting to changes quickly. Hence, we have the competency to offer customized solutions in PhoneGap to support, deploy, and build cross platform compatible apps for mobile devices. Hire Phonegap developer for leveraging all the benefits offered by PhoneGap and helping your clients in reducing the overhead associated with developing powerful mobile apps that could be comprehensively installed across multiple platforms.

PhoneGap application programmers

Techno Exponent’s PhoneGap expertise

  • PhoneGap conversion applications
  • News and Weather applications
  • Educational applications
  • Multimedia applications
  • Music and video
  • Internet applications
  • Gaming applications
  • Utility applications
  • Fun applications
  • Business applications
  • Medical applications
  • Navigation applications

Hire us for PhoneGap application programmers

Fixed Cost

We conduct projects on fixed cost following a through system requirement specification. Moreover we give you the provision of hiring PhoneGap application programmers on hourly and monthly basis according to project requirements.

Full time hiring

  • Monthly Billing
  • 8 hours a day
  • 22 days a month

Part time Hiring

  • Monthly billing
  • Less than 8 hours a day
  • Not exceeding 80 hours a month

Hourly hiring

  • Weekly billing
  • Not less than 20 hours