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Web Application Development

Web Application Development is best done by us. We follow a proper System Development Life Cycle, maintain documents, storyboards, and Flow Charts. We use different sub-version repositories like Git Hub, Bitbucket etc. and popular Project Management Tools like Freedcamp to deliver an accurate product in a most organized way. We provide daily updates and maintain milestones. Either Project Manager or the developer himself will be connected with you directly when the project runs. One Logo, one Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn page banner is absolutely free with the Website. You will get 1 Year FREE After Development Support. We build web applications using these following technologies, but we are always ready for all new techs:

PHP Frameworks: Laravel, Yii, Symfony, Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP, Phalcon etc.

JS Frameworks: Node.JS, Angular, Vue.JS, React.JS, Express.JS, Ember.JS, Backbone.JS, Meteor.JS etc.

JS based Fronted Development

JavaScript Frameworks are very much popular for building an outstanding, sleek, professional, modern, light-weight, and responsive front-end. Design is the most important thing of an application and we should never forget what Steve Jobs quoted once, "Design is not what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works." Techno Exponent (T-Web Exponent Exponent Services Private Limited) takes special care of the front-end design and build a masterpiece for you. We are working on JavaScript-based Front-end Frameworks like Angular, Ember.JS, Knockout, Vue.JS, backbone, React.JS etc.

Android and iOS App Development

We have an excellent portfolio of making successful and most popular Mobile Apps with a high number of installation and paid subscription history. Techno Exponent (T-Web Exponent Services Private Limited) is the one of the best and fastest growing IT Companies. We have highly qualified and Experienced Android and iOS App Developers specialized in different mobile app development technologies like:

Android: JAVA/Kotlin, React Native, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Xamarin

iOS: Swift/ Objective-C. React Native, Ionic Framework, Cordova, Xamarin

During the project runs, you will be connected with the Project Manager or directly with the developer with audio/ video call and text chat facility. Projects will be managed professionally by using Project Management tools like Freedcamp and by using sub-version repositories like GitHub, Bitbucket etc. We will provide you 1 Year FREE Support.


Our Excellent and Experienced UX designers make Professional Wireframes and Prototypes based on the Logic to be used to build your web or mobile app. They are using software like Axure, JustInMind, and Mockplus etc.

Our Top Level User Interface Designers make sure that everything on your web or mobile app screen is arranged in such a way that viewers understand and access it easily. They are using various software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision etc.

Our Professional IA Designers are excellent in documenting complex websites, mobile apps, and products. They are very proficient with Axure, Omnigraffle, Keynote, Visio and all other programs related to IA.

Our Top Notch Interaction Designers handle all of the complex tasks and turn them into very user-friendly, appealing and most attractive design for your customers.


We provide you the best and complete E-commerce system with a website, android, iOS, and Windows apps. We are also doing Digital Marketing for your business to give you the maximum number of customers. We have already made large e-commerce websites. We made the Clone Functionality of,, with of course a unique design.

We have built both Multi-Vendor, and Single-Vendor e-commerce system. We will integrate any payment gateway as per your requirement. We have already integrated PayPal, Credit Card,, Stripe, We pay, American Express etc. We give you 1-year FREE After Development Support.

Erp, crm & pos

We will provide you the BEST quality ERP, CRM or POS using latest and enriched technologies. We understand that either you will use our built system or sell it to others, so we maintain the quality of the product and make it very secure and easily accessible. Our Interaction Designers ensure that the built ERP, CRM or POS delights all of your users!

We are using most popular, enriched, and secure technologies like Laravel 5.2, Symfony 2, Zend, Codeigniter, Yii, Ruby on Rails, Python, Core PHP(OOPS), Cake PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla build the system. We give you 1-year FREE After Development Support.

We have already served many IT Product Companies, Digital Agencies, Startups, Enterprises, SMEs, IT consulting firms, and Online Businesses.


Dedicated Hiring is the most inexpensive, fast and controlled way of Project Completion. Each of our Dedicated Staff(s) will work 160 hours for you per month.You will have the full control over your remote staff(s). You will have full access to the activities of them. You can get your projects done in your own way by managing and scheduling them. You will only pay for the work done by your hired staff(s), and you will not be charged for any of the Holidays of our company or leaves taken by your remote staff(s). At any point or time, your decision to drop out any of the staff(s) from your team will be respected by Techno Exponent and you will be provided with a better replacement resource for FREE.



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