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We will provide you a complete Transport management system. We will provide you the efficient and future-proof Transport Management System (TMS) that automates carrier selection, tracking process, logistics and street level routing. This will improve the effectiveness, will reduce the cost and improve the management infrastructure of transport agencies.

Core Features of Techno Exponent TMS includes:

Freight Order Management:

  • Provides real-time, centralized tracking of the entire inbound delivery process
  • Enables supplier collaboration
  • Captures requests for dynamic routing and shipment confirmation
  • Issues electronic routing instructions
  • Manages key vendor compliance milestones
  • Generates VICS- and UCC -compliant shipping documentation

Transport Management:

  • Manages the entire transportation execution lifecycle
  • Supports global logistics and street-level routing
  • Settles freight financial transactions
  • Provides unmatched customization and extensibility
  • Manages both the customer and carrier side of any move
  • Automates carrier selection based on a combination of cost and performance factors
  • Supports automated tendering of loads to carriers
  • Rates and routes shipments with mode and carrier assignments
  • Conducts automated carrier selection against contracted rates


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