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We will provide you a complete Insurance Claim Management System. We will provide you the efficient and future-proof School Management System (ICLMS) that automates notice of loss, claim file, external system, status Updates to Claimants. This will improve the effectiveness, will reduce the cost and improve the quality of Claimants care.

Core Features of Techno Exponent ICLMS includes:

Capture First Notice of Loss:

  • Validates data against the policy
  • Captures specific data elements to facilitate integration
  • Automatic multi-level email notifications
  • Escalating alerts for unacknowledged loss reports

Build the Claim File

  • Capture all relevant shipment information
  • Track reserves, expenses, indemnities, salvage and recoveries
  • Record unlimited text notes from multiple users
  • Upload and store related files of all types (e.g. survey reports, bills of lading)
  • Generate template-based correspondence (e.g. acknowledgement letters, subrogation)

Integrate with External Systems

  • Standardized XML message structures and custom adapters that match specific workflows and external system requirements
  • Imports Excel Spreadsheets Without Programming
  • Multiple transport protocols (MQ Series, MSMQ, VPN, Web Services, FTP, HTTP, SMTP)
  • Link to in-house claims adjustment systems as well as to 3rd party systems

Provide Status Updates to Claimants

  • View claim status at any time
  • Upload documents and messages

Other Features:

  • Agent Portal
  • Certificate Issuance
  • Claims Management
  • Declaration Management
  • Insurance Billing
  • Policy Administration
  • Policy Issuance
  • Rating Engine
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Underwriter Workstation
  • Upload / Download


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