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We will provide you a complete school management system. We will provide you the efficient and future-proof School Management System (SMS) that automates the education, electronic student records, administrative, teachers and students management. This will improve the effectiveness, will reduce the cost and improve the quality of student care.

Core Features of Techno Exponent SMS includes:

School administration management.

  • Employee management
  • Subject management
  • Class management
  • Student payments management
  • Student behaviour management
  • Payments Overview
  • Subjects and assignments management
  • Fees management
  • Student assignment result management
  • Student search
  • Overdue students list
  • Student management
  • Student-Teacher interaction
  • Teacher Management
  • Teacher-Parents interaction
  • Parents Management
  • Records management
  • Notification board management
  • Management relationships between different type of users
  • Online Payment acceptance of FEE
  • Stock inventory management
  • Semester management
  • Reports generator

School Administration

  • Manage Students, Teachers, parents and Donors.
  • Manage Students Result
  • Manage Notification about School
  • Define Classes & Subjects For student & teachers
  • Generate Fee Structure for School
  • Generate Reports


  • Manage Students homework
  • Assign homework
  • Share homework on social networking sites (facebook)
  • Manage classes
  • Manage Student Report
  • Generate Remarks on Student Reports
  • Generate Student Attendance


  • Manage homework
  • Share homework among friends, on social networking sites (facebook)
  • Report Cards
  • Manage classes


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