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UX Design

UX Design (User Experience Design)

Our Excellent and Experienced UX designers make Professional Wireframes and Prototypes based on the Logic to be used to build your web or mobile app. They are very flexible in using software like Axure, JustInMind, and Mockplus etc. They also make Storyboards, Sitemap and provide written specifications. They conduct research and competitive analysis at the beginning of your project and also do Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, and Usability Testing after your project has launched. They make sure that your website or mobile application is very easy to navigate. Because if your platform is hard to navigate, then your viewers will get frustrated and leave your platform very quickly! Our UX Designers will take meticulous care of the feel of your product!

UX Design

UI Design (User Interface Design)

Our Top Level User Interface Designers make sure that everything on your web or mobile app screen is arranged in such a way that viewers understand and access it easily. They make the user’s interaction as efficient and easy as possible. Our UI Designers are flexible in using various types of software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, InVision etc. They take care of Input Controls like buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, drop-downs, toggles, date field, list boxes etc; Informational Components like progress bar, instant notifications, multi-window chat boxes, tooltips, icons, progress bar, range bar etc; Navigational Components like beautiful icons, Search Bar, Auto-Complete, Pagination, Breadcrumb, Slider etc; Containers like Accordion.

UX Design

IA (Information Architecture)

Our Professional IA Designers are excellent in documenting complex websites, mobile apps, and products. They are expert in finding each and every inconsistency and lacks in any complex documentation. They are very analytical, hardworking, creative, and innovative. They will make excellent site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation, and metadata for you! All of them are very proficient with Axure, Omnigraffle, Keynote, Visio and all other programs related to IA.

UX Design

IXD (Interaction Design)

Our Top Notch Interaction Designers handle all of the complex tasks and turn them into very user-friendly, appealing and most attractive design for your customers. They are always collaborated with Designers, Researchers, Developers and Project Managers from the very start to the end of a project. At each step, our Interaction Designers contemplate the possibility of your customer needs, promote them and make it sure that the Final Output delights all of your customers and helps you to grow your business.