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Try our One week FREE Dedicated Hiring Plan! Get Remote Developer(s) & Designer(s)!

Our Top-Class Developers/ Designers will work FREE for you for one week. After that, if you don't want to continue - we won't bother you anymore! But if you like them, hire them as your Full-Time Remote Staff. FREE means FREE, no hidden terms!

Dedicated Hiring

Techno Exponent is ready for the dedicated hiring of our developers. We have a large number of Web/ Android/ iOS/ Desktop application developers who are ready to work for you! All the staff members whom you hire are our full-time employees and hence they are pre-screened, well trained and vetted. Our staff members are fluent in English and they can have voice call with you anytime! In this Dedicated Hiring System, you are only paying for the work that our developers are working for you. Beside that you will be delivered only well-tested updates. Once you are happy with everything and wish to proceed, we put the staff directly in your control. Once you come to us with your detail requirement, our system analyst will prepare a full Project Development Plan and also suggest you the best Technological Platform. Our System Analyst will also decide the number of developers needed to be assigned for your project.

Dedicated Hiring for Senior Developers/ Designers starting at just: $8 / hour. You will be able to hire remote staff who will be able to work for from Monday to Friday, IST 10.30 AM to IST 7.30 PM.


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